Want to Get More Done? Learn the Art of Risk-Taking

Procrastination is addictive.

As solo and small business owners, we’ve decided we are going to do things our way to have freedom, feel fulfilled, do the things we love to do most. But the reality is that we’re usually about 25 steps behind. 

In a battle with “idea overwhelm,” we procrastinate taking action on any one idea. Suddenly, you’re stuck in client work, you’ve stopped working on growing your business, and you’ve lost the inspiration that fueled you to start this business.

And it becomes like a job.

Lately, I’ve caught myself saying things like, “I don’t have time to write my blog posts and create content. I’m too busy with my clients.” However, what I have learned is that this is procrastination in disguise and it’s like a drug.

We can become addicted to things that help us avoid getting the real work done. These things – the client work, the searching online in desperate attempt to find new inspiration, focusing on what the others are doing – are all great excuses.  

Everyone has a different story behind this. But more often than not, it is the fear of being seen, the fear of success, or the fear of failure that drives this.

But, at the end of the day if you don’t take action, then you’re not giving yourself a fair shot at making money… and you’re probably not finding happiness.

If you’ve been wanting to do something but keep procrastinating, you may be trying too hard.  You may be going for total control and perfection, instead of just getting it done.

One way to approach this is to turn “risks” into exploration.

Pam, one of my most compassionate coaches brought this to my attention. I’d been struggling with overwhelm and not sure why I chose to take a bold step – and significant time commitment – towards life coach training.

Initially, the intention was to strengthen my role as “brand coach,” which involves helping business owners to create a unique and authentic brand. But in the process, I started to feel lost. What I initially saw from the top of the mountain was no longer visible in the thick of the trail.

“It’s okay NOT to know,” were her words that shifted my perspective.

We love to control our little microcosms, but holding on too tightly keeps us from real expansion. Our fears thrive in this constrained space. Our fears want to know exactly how this will all play out. And if they don’t, they can hijack our ability to make decisions and think clearly.

These fears keep you playing small, artfully convincing you that this idea of yours – this potential for growth and happiness – is unsafe territory.  

When this internal battle goes off, step back and remember that you don’t have to understand everything yet. Even if it feels like you’re veering off your well-laid out path, there may be something waiting for you outside the lines.

Is there something you’ve wanted to create – a free offer, an ebook, a blog?  Or is there something you’ve been wanting to do – market yourself as a speaker or a coach, start offering workshops?  

What would happen if you did just ONE of those things this month? After three months, you may have then done three of those things.

Maybe it works, perhaps you learn that you just need to tweak your strategy, or maybe it will lead you to an entirely new opportunity.

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